3 Pros Of A Moving Insurance!

Using furniture removers for your big move_300x300A moving insurance is a contract that guarantees monetary compensation if your items get lost or destroyed during transit; No one can guarantee a 100% safety, no matter how much we want it. Santa Monica movers can greatly diminish the risks and this is another reason you should call them for help.  There are many advantages of having this insurance, but we would like to present you only 3 pros of a moving insurance.

–  Monetary compensation.  This is the main purpose of this contract. If your items are lost, stolen or damaged, you can call the insurer and ask for a partial or a full value monetary replacement.  This insurance protects your items against: mishandling, extreme weather condition, theft, loss and any other unpleasant events.

Moving companies are usually forbidden to sell moving insurance. You must obtain it from insurance companies licensed to sell it. Also, before you can obtain it, they will send authorized persons to evaluate your belongings.  Depending on the policy cost and premium value, the insurer will cover the full value of your items or a part of the value.

–  Can help you make a claim. Usually, in order to have a moving insurance, you must first have your items evaluated. After that, the insurer will know how much is able to pay if your items are damaged or lost. Based on the records of the evaluation, you will know how much to ask to the moving company that lost or damaged your belongings.

A moving company will usually try to make its own evaluation in order to compensate your loss. And that evaluation is typically smaller than the real one, because no one really wants to pay for its mistakes.  Having this claim to show will eliminate their attempts of unfair payments.

–  Psychological comfort. You will have peace of mind knowing that your precious items will be secured and if there are some unpleasant events, you will be compensated.

We are a reputable moving company and we use the safest methods for transport. If any accident happens by our fault, we will gladly pay for your items. More details about us and our services you can find out here. Visit us!

by Ciprian Gurgu