4 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Pieces in Santa Monica!

250709_367917543315357_1458168134_nPreparing all the things required for a move is not quite the ideal way to spend your free time. Nevertheless, you must get over the frustration and focus at the task ahead. Without calm and caution, you risk producing unfortunate accidents that may put everyone around in danger, including yourself. When dealing with heavy furniture pieces you must follow these simple tips:

–  Do some preliminary preparations. You will need to have two lists, first on them including all the heavy furniture pieces that must be transported. The second one will contain all the packing and wrapping materials needed for the move.  It is recommended to do all the preparation as soon as possible, time is critical for any relocation. Plus there will always be a new item to add on any of the two lists mentioned before.  You will need to evaluate the load and calculate how many boxes and heavy duty straps you will need.

–  Choose quality packing and wrapping materials. Avoid using boxes that show structural damage. Choose durable boxes of various sizes:  large, heavy duty boxes, medium sized boxes and smaller ones for some disassembled parts.   For a professional move you will also need: dollies, hand trucks, wrapping materials, packing tape, straps, markers and so on.

–  Use furniture padding for extra protection. People tend to use old blankets and newspapers as padding, but they offer little or no protection. There are other materials able to absorb impact shocks.  Multilayered bubble wrap and polystyrene are ideal for this purpose and you must procure it.

–  If possible, break heavy furniture items into smaller, more manageable component parts.  In this way you will reduce the amount of physical effort required to move the items to the transportation vehicle.  Also, this will let you organize better the whole operation and you will be able to place the parts into smaller boxes, easier to lift. It is essential to label properly each box, otherwise you will need to lose precious hours before you can reassemble all the items.


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by Ciprian Gurgu