4 Tips On How To Move Studio Equipment In Santa Monica

Relocating a photo or music studio can be a demanding task. Studio equipment is heavy, expensive and fragile at the same time, so it must be handled with care.

studio-equipment-21100It is great for an artist to relocate in Santa Monica, but doing it on your own can be difficult and you may need the help of some movers Santa Monica. Nevertheless, here are 4 tips on how to move studio equipment!

1.       Clean

Relocating is a good opportunity to clean the dust from the once hard to reach spots. You have to clean every piece of equipment before you start packing them. If not, the dust can get in your eyes  or your clothes and make the whole moving experience a lot more uncomfortable. Plus, as we all know, dust can damage electronic equipment.

2.       Clear a path

Make sure you can get the equipment out of the studio by clearing a path to the doorway. Heavy electronics may require more than one person to carry, so make sure you hire some movers Santa Monica to help you!

3.       Be careful with glass objects

Lamps and different studio lights are fragile and can be damaged easily so pay extra attention when you pack them! Lamps should be disassembled before packing. Big light reflectors have to be taken off their supports and be wrapped in paper. Pack each light individually in a labeled sealed box.

Lamp covers are also sensible and expensive if they are for professional use. Packing covers can be tricky because of their shape. If you can, put one in another for more protection and pack them in a box filled with peanut foam.

4.       Hire a moving company

Moving companies in Santa Monica provide excellent packing and transportation services. If you have a studio with expensive equipment, it is best to call professionals whom can handle the task. By hiring movers, you will save a lot of effort and many hours o packing.

In conclusion, moving a whole studio is no easy task and you may need professional help. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for a free quote. Visit our website for more information!

by Bogdan Moisa