5 Money Saving Tips for Moving a Business in Los Angeles

family-moving-300x222Relocating a business is an intricate project that must be handled by professionals.  Commercial movers Los Angeles provides will help you relocate the office faster and safer. Below, we offer you a list with 5 money saving tips for moving a business in Los Angeles:

  • Verify if you kept the original boxes of the equipment. A modern office contains numerous computers, printers, laptops and other electronic devices used to communicate and develop applications. Most of them come with an original manufacturer box and user guide.  If you have stored these, you can use them and cut the costs for finding new adequate boxes. User guides will also tell you more about the conditions needed for transporting equipment.
  • Moving during fall or winter can be advantageous. Typically this period is considered outside the moving season.  Few people consider moving this time of the year because they either have kids and changing schools is a bit difficult, or they want to spend the upcoming holidays at home.  As a result, most of the movers have a relaxed schedule and can offer quite attractive offers in order to get some clients.  Pay attention for promotional offers of commercial movers.
  • Try to get discounts for moving supplies. Packing an office requires staggering amounts of supplies. If you buy all supplies from the same store, negotiate for a discount.
  • Try to get discounts from the hired mover. It is always a good idea to hire a professional mover for office relocation. Movers specialize in offering all sorts of services: packing, transportation, unpacking, labeling.  If you get all the services from the same mover, negotiate for a discount. Movers usually offer discounts if a client will purchase more services.
  • Compare prices. In Los Angeles you can find numerous moving companies able to provide professional services.  If you have time, analyze multiple offers, compare prices and discuss more with representatives.

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