Factors To Consider When Moving During Summer

Moving during summer can be difficult and unpleasant. Check the following factors to consider when moving during summer and call the best residential movers Santa Monica!

moving-furniture-delivery-service1If you are planning to ask a mover’s help, the first factor to consider is moving companies’ schedule. Summer is a very busy season for movers, since most of us prefer to move in summer, when our schedule is more flexible and kids, who have a school break, can help us.  Since moving logistics are limited for any company, it is wise to book a mover in advance. Contact the mover which finally accepted to work with you and periodically check its availability, just to make sure that everything sticks to the plan.

The second factor to consider is, naturally, heat. There are many things heat can damage, from your very own body, to the car’s engine. The first thing to do when moving during summer is to protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen creams with sun protection values and dress accordingly with the weather outside. Lightweight and colorful fabrics are recommended, or, even better, wear all-white. Just make sure that the clothes you wear offer you a good degree of comfort and flexibility.

Having sufficient refreshments at your disposal is another thing you must take into account. Hot weather and physical effort is never a good combo. Sweating a lot will quickly dehydrate you and this is why you should keep some bottles of water nearby.  If you are working with some movers, make sure that they are also properly hydrated.

What you pack and how you pack it is another thing you should worry about. Not all things or creatures do well under intense sunlight and heat. For small pets, moving during summer can be a nightmare. And you can say the same thing about plans.

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