How To Get Organized For The Move Day

Moving your entire household requires patience, time and proper planning.  If done improperly, your nerves will be tested and you will turn it into an unpleasant experience. If the load is too heavy or there are simply just too many items to handle, call one of the many Santa Monica moving companies. Moving experts provide counseling and a wide range of moving services.  Since planning is essential, read the following guide on how to get organized for the move day.

  1. shutterstock_moving furnitureCreate checklists. You must create several lists regarding the items you want to pack, moving supplies, activities and assignees.  It will help you keep track and monitor progress.
  2. Sort items. By the time you move, all excess belongings should be somewhere else. Make a thoroughly check in your rooms and dispose of chemicals, old/unused/unwanted clothes and other items you do not want to move.
  3. Gather documents. Before movers arrive, you must have all important documents with you. We recommend you to keep them close to you, in a special box. Remember that movers either do not want to transport documents or they do not recommend that.  On the documents list you can include everything, from ID card to loan cards and financial reports.
  4. Organize your collections. If you have various collections (CD’s, books, stamps, coins) keep all items in the same place and pack them in the same box(es).
  5. Back up data. It is important to keep vital data in more than just one place. Vital data that you usually store on laptop/PC should be also saved on a memory USB stick.
  6. Label all boxes accordingly. This action will make packing much easier and will help avoid unwanted placement accidents. Make sure to label boxes containing fragile items.

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