How to Properly Move a Piano in Los Angeles!

Pianos come in various shapes and sizes but they are all heavy musical instruments and moving them requires intense physical effort. It is better to call for help, you will surely need it when negotiating stairs or elevators. If you are not paying enough attention, you will end up damaging your home or even injure yourself.

piano-studio-cityPianos are heavy but extremely fragile and valuable. Their uprights carry the entire heavy load in the top half, but their feet and legs are fragile. You must have adequate equipment.

Heavy duty straps must be purchased, they will give a better hold on the piano. Also buy a furniture dolly capable to support the whole weight of the piano and you can use the straps to secure the piano to dolly. It is recommended to use some padding to protect your piano from bumps.

Do not forget to close and lock the keyboard lid in order to prevent it from opening during the whole relocation. You can wrap the piano with some blankets or padding and secure it with packing tape. Next step is to lift the piano, but never lift it by its legs, which are very vulnerable.

Also, do not lay the piano on its site otherwise you can disrupt the inner mechanics. Placing the moving straps must be done by 2 persons and lifting it onto the furniture dolly must be done by 4 persons, each of them placed at each corner.

As you have seen, a single person is never enough to move a piano, no matter how hard he or she will try. The best solution is to call for a local mover capable to handle these kinds of procedures that involve relocating fragile musical instruments. They can also tell you what tools are required and can offer logistic support.  Santa Monica moving services are well known for their top quality and those working in this branch are highly skilled and able to perform any given task.

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by Ciprian Gurgu