Learn How To Move Fragile Objects Pieces Such As China and Cups!

Preparing for a move requires careful planning and resource management. You must know what items you have and how to properly pack and prepare them for shipping. Fragile items must have special conditions for transport, due to their increased sensitivity.

shutterstock_moving furnitureMost of these items are valuable and if you do not want to lose money, you should better secure high quality materials for packing and protection. If you need help, call for moving services in Santa Monica. They know better how to handle fragile items and you will learn how to move fragile object pieces such as china and cups.

All your glassware must be protected by extra layers of wrapping materials. We recommend using multiple layers of bubble wrap. Do not use old newspapers or rugs. They are not shock absorbent materials and offer almost zero protection. Use sturdy boxes with no structural damage. Place cushion foam or packing peanuts at the bottom of each box before you add any wrapped object.

Each item must be wrapped individually and must be secured enough padding around each item. After all items have been placed in the box, fill the remaining gaps with packing peanuts. Seal the box with packing tape and do not forget to label accordingly the box. Labeling is an essential part for every relocation process.

Local movers can help you with all these steps. In fact they can do the entire job for you. They are more qualified and experienced with this type of items. They have their trade secrets and know exactly what methods and tools to use. For example, they can use double-boxing for some type of items and multi-layered boxes for other types of items.

Furthermore, they are able to pack and pile up the boxes following some effective algorithms.  They will use the safest path and will diminish the risks of colliding with walls or doorways. A good mover has no problem relocating fragile items.

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by Ciprian Gurgu