How To Pack And Move a Bedroom In Santa Monica?

movers companyThe bedroom is not as difficult to pack as a bathroom or a kitchen, but nevertheless it requires patience… and a lot of wrapping. If packing and carrying heavy furniture is not your thing, you can call a Los Angeles moving company to help you. But for those that like to do things alone, our blog will guide you through the steps.

Here is how to pack a bedroom:

1.       Clean and prepare the room

Cleaning and preparing the room for a move is very important. You need to clean the floor and your furniture. Smaller objects like books, vases and lamps should be packed first. Many pieces of furniture can be disassembled. For example, you can take out the mattress from the bed. Use shrink wrap to protect it against dust and scratches during transportation.

2.       Pack smaller objects first

You will need to pack smaller objects like books, vases, lamps and other valuables. It works best if you pack them in boxes. Make sure you label each box so that you know what’s inside. Fragile objects like lamps and vases should be first wrapped in paper or with bubble wrap.  After you finish packing smaller objects, you can start with the furniture.

3.       Get help

Heavy furniture pieces are difficult to carry and heavy lifting causes back pains. You will need some people to help you, like family or friends. If you want professional help, you can call a Los Angeles moving company. A team of movers can offer packing services for your entire house. Since they have professional tools and high quality packing materials, they can finish packing a bedroom a lot faster.

4.       Use high quality packing materials

Packing materials like boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and paper are essential for protecting your items during a move. During transportation, many objects can get damaged because of trepidations, but by securely packing them, you can prevent such incidents from happening. The materials you use should always be of high quality so that they offer the best protection possible.

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by Bogdan Moisa