Useful Tips For Moving In Summer

Check the following useful tips for moving in summer and contact licensed moving services Santa Monica for assistance!

  1. 564707-38817-56Get organized and book the move with a company in advance. Check the right people and companies to work with at least 4 weeks before the actual move.  If you decide to work with companies, check reviews and get quotes. Make sure that the company you select also offers moving insurance.  Get all the papers you need, from school transfer notes to job transfer documents, in a safe spot and regularly verify they are there.
  2. When moving during summer, make sure to wear adequate clothing. It is recommended to wear lightweight, white garments.  A white t-shirt and some light-colored jeans would suffice. The clothing you wear must also be flexible.
  3. In order to avoid sunburns, it recommended wearing plenty of sunscreen. Buy creams with a high sun protection factor.
  4. Weekends and the ends of the month are the busiest times to move during summer, which is already a busy season, If you have some flexibility in your relocation plans then try to move on a weekday or during the middle of the month.  You should avoid moving during Memorial Day Weekend, which is the 2nd busiest moving weekend of the year and the last weekend in July, which is the busiest moving weekend of the year.
  5. Do not be shy to use the air conditioner. When moving, it is a good idea to turn on your Air Conditioning Unit. It will ease up and speed up the moving process, no matter if you are packing or unpacking.
  6. Pay attention to what you pack. There are many heat sensitive items which would rather avoid packing. For example, food, especially dairy, fruits and vegetable, is very sensitive to heat. You should better eat it or give it to someone poor, as charity.

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